Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Find Myself

Sometimes I wonder where I go and why. So I decided to start stalking myself to find out.

Boy was I surprised at the results.

The first time I found myself was when I caught a glimpse of myself suspiciously gazing at myself in a mirror and suffered a mild panic attack thinking I had given myself away, to myself of course. Then later that night, I found myself sitting under a ladder methodically breaking mirrors while encouraging a black cat to cross my path over and over again.

Obviously, this stealthy observation of my own strange activitity had quite an intense impact on my self-awareness. I had always wondered where my bad luck was coming from. And now I knew: myself.

You see, I had apparently thought that bad luck must have a point of diminishing returns and so I was trying to go around the ancient circle of luck to be back in the golly gee graces of good luck, where I was planning to anchor myself with a ton of Dethklok albums - all bought and paid for of course.

I digress, at least now I know where I’ve been and more importantly, what I have been doing. To discover I have a secret secretive life within my quasi-mortal life as a rare occult potentiality has been profoundly illuminating. However, I’m starting to wonder if any life anywhere can be anything but a fiction.

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